Showering you with Prosperity


Whatsoap Presto buddies! You're in for a soothing treat this CNY as Yuan Soap, one of Taiwan's leading natural soap brand is now with Presto in Malaysia!


Yuan Soap revives ancient methods that our ancestors used to soothe tired muscles and treat skin problems, and also to introduce this almost forgotten wisdom of the past to younger generations. Kinda cool right?


This Taiwanese traditional soap does wonders for those with sensitive skin as the ingredients used contains no harmful chemicals! Their CNY gift pack comes with several soaps, 12 to be exact, packed in a pretty traditional themed box.


The Godly soap combo includes Forest Pine, for claming and cleansing, Honeysuckle, for restoring balance and radience, Bidens Pilosa, a new limited edition, floral scented soap for soothing and cleansing, Purple Gromwell and Roselle, for smooth skin and treating acnes, Wild Mugwort, for healthy cleansing, the pleasently fragrant Wild Yellow Sage, Houttuynia, for soothing and deep cleansing, the soothing herbal scented Wild Patchouli, Lemon Soap with a light fruity scent, for brightening and relaxing, Mung Bean and Jobs Tears Soap for deep moisturizing and increasing skin elasticity and 2 new face soaps, Magnolia for hydrating and moisturizing and Rose for skin repair and moisturizing.


We have used Yuan Soap in the past and it's relaxing aromatherapy was unlike anything you can buy off the shelves! Try out this ultimate CNY limited edition combo for just RM199 on Presto today! (rrp. RM254)


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