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Wasab guys! This time, we have mouth-watering treats from the land of the rising sun! Located in Shinjuku Taman Connaught and Viva Shopping Mall, the one of a kind sushi bar, Wasabi serves some of the freshest Japanese cuisines in town.


Just in time for Chinese New Year, the guys at Wasabi are tossing up a Japanese-Chinese fusion called the “Prosperity Toss”. The BIG version of this dish that serves 4-6 people is just RM39.88 with Presto! (RRP RM58.76). That's not all, it also comes with a Free Golden Dragon Roll filled to the brim with tiger prawns, fried with breaded surimi and beancurd, and topped off with a hot & spicy dressing! Definitely a must try this Chinese New Year!



If you would like our recommendation, we suggest you try out their Ocean Seafood Nabeyaki, as unlike any traditional udon soup dishes, Wasabi's is served with fresh exotic tiger prawns, half-shell scallops, green mussels, salmon, gindara, asari and assorted Vegetables! This deal costs RM38.88 with Presto (RRP RM89.76), grab it now and it even comes with a small serving of their famous "Prosperity Toss" dish for a limited time!



Our verdict? The Ocean Seafood Nabeyaki is really really good especially during the rainy 'winter' days (nothing like warm miso and fresh seafood to brighten a moody day!), and the 'Prosperity Toss' is huat we can call a unique fusion to usher in the new year!


There were 8 of us so the BIG portion we ordered and the FREE additional small portion of their 'Prosperity Toss' was enough to feed us all! The whole setting of the restaurant was so Jap that we were surprised we didn't have to pay with Yen. Definitely give Wasabi a try this Chinese New Year! You wong be disappointed!


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