Originally awesome OR Why settle for others when you can get the Original?



Everyone loves a slice of good cake! Here’s the original one from the central of Asia’s food haven, Taipei, Taiwan. Yes guys, that’s right, Original Cake has heated its ovens and is going viral in Malaysia! For those of you who need an intro, Original Cake is da real MVP of cakes, a no frills, no fancy pansy, no nonsense type of cake, and a really good one at that! One so good that people have been waiting for hours in line just to get a taste of its fluffy goodness!



This Halal certified chain has won the hearts of Malaysians ever since it opened its shutters in our country. To celebrate Raya, they are offering a truly original Malaysian favourite; the Classic Kurma Cake, freshly baked Taiwanese style with a tinge of Malaysian goodness, only for a limited time.



While you are at it, give their Golden Cheese, Frozen Chocolate and the all time favourite Original some love too! The lines may be long at times but don’t cake hei because it will be all good when you get your hands on the best Original Cake in town! Original Cake deals can be found on Presto so if you are looking to get some good deals and cash back for future purchases, do check out the Presto app on your phone today!



Click on the images below to get your hands on the best Original Cake in town!