The Secret to Great Complexion


A hit with ladies of all ages ever since it was introduced, products by this Luxor-ious skincare brand has taken the beauty market by storm. As soon as it hit the e-shelves of Presto and we knew we had to give them a go!


Their best seller, the Nion Beauty Opus is the World's FIRST Negative Ion Silicone Skin Cleansing Device that uses negative ions to clean and rejuvenate your skin by removing harmful pollutants, chemicals, and bacteria, leaving your skin clear and radiant each day. The Nion Beauty Opus is developed in the USA using the technology and expertise from Japan and Korea so you can be sure that it works wonders!



We got the pink one because, well pink goes with all the other stuff we have, so yup, pink it is! The Nion Beauty Opus also comes in blue and white if you girls don't fancy pretty pink. Flipped it on and let the mighty Opus do its thing, gently guiding it across the face in circular motions, as it gently massaged and cleansed the skin. Oooohh it was good! We then applied moisturizer as per directions and although the visible results were minimal the first time we used it, the skin definitely felt wonderful! Repeating this daily will definitely bring great results we think!


We also got a set of Babor Vitality Ampoules, which is definitely new to us! Developed in Babor's base in Aachen, Germany, this professional beauty skincare product uses some of the finest natural active ingredients for maximum effectiveness. The set comes with 5 triple boosters and 2 collagen boosters that suits those who need a quick skin recharge and youth boost.



We started using the Triple Booster Fluid that almost instantly gave our skin a more even tone! Its triple action formula left the skin feeling hydrated and radiant. Definitely a must try for those with dry, cracked skin! The collagen booster included in the pack did wonders in firming up most of the saggy bits of our skin and effectively removed wrinkles on the face!


At the end of the week, we definitely feel that we have our money's worth! Not only does our skin feel so so much firmer and smoother but many have complimented that our complexion is so much more radiant and bright! These awesome products by Luxor Beauty World is definitely worth a mention! Treat your skin to some of the best beauty products and more only at Presto!


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