Clawesome way to spice up your day


Given the thumbs up by the Thais, this authentic, ‘kaw’ Lobster Tom Yam Noodle dish served by Lobbee Thai Connection is a definite must try this rainy season. Each bowl of their signature Tom Yam is peppered with a generous serving of lobsters so fresh, you’d be thinking of your next visit when you’re still here!


They also serve an awesome Tom Yam Siakap that is equally as fresh for those who prefer fish instead. We fell in love with this dish as soon as we took the first bite. The barramundi (or best known as Siakap) was cooked to perfection and went so well with the Tom Yam soup, we just couldn’t get enough of it.


To cool things down, Lobbee Thai Connection also serves a large assortment of novelty drinks to complement their spicy dishes. We personally loved their Iced Thai Tea with Grass Jelly as the aroma from the tea is just imba.


So what’s the price for all this Thai goodness? Well, it is definitely cheaper than an air ticket to Thailand! Their C2 Lobster Combo will set you back just RM 73.50 plus you get to earn up to RM 5.88 cash back and their awesome Deep Fried Tom Yum Siakap is only RM 54.00 and you earn RM 4.32 cash back! Now that is a good deal for some of the best lobsters and siakap in town.


So if you’re feeling a little cold, or would like to spice things up a bit, give Lobbee Thai Connection a try!