Get rewarded up to RM50 Cash Back, 2,000 Presto Tokens and Exclusive Brand Coupons with Kasi-Join-La

Two is better than one! Enjoy more lifestyle services and seamless shopping experience when you bind your Presto account to PrestoMall! 


With Kasi-Join-La, there are more reasons to bind your accounts and benefit from our services!



Cash Back

Earn up to RM50 Cash Back without having to spend or purchase anything! Claim & be rewarded with a random Cash Back amount. You might earn RM3, RM5, RM10, and RM20. If you’re super lucky RM50! Cash Back can be used on any service feature on Presto and PrestoMall!

*Limited quantities, terms & conditions apply


Presto Tokens

You will earn 2,000 Presto Tokens! Presto Token is the currency used in Presto Arcade. You can use it to play GRABBIT, everybody’s favourite claw machine game. 2,000 Presto Tokens entitles you to 1 game play. Try playing and win yourself a cute cuddly soft toy. We are also introducing new toys for everyone!

Learn more: How to play GRABBIT


Exclusive Brand Coupons

Exclusive brand coupons are yours for download! You can enjoy extra savings by applying coupons to your orders.

*Store Cart Coupons are only applicable to products sold by the particular brand or seller

*Terms & conditions apply



How to use coupon

  1. Download coupons from ABC (hyperlink) campaign page upon successful account binding. You are allowed to download each coupon up to 10 times (eg: Nescafe coupon x10, Senheng coupon x10, etc)
  2. Downloaded coupons can be found in “My Account”
  3. Add products from any of the participating brands and sellers into your cart.
  4. Apply coupon to product when you check out. *Note that only 1 store cart coupon can be applied to each transaction.
  5. Make payment and enjoy your savings
  6. Wait for your products to arrive.


Participating Brands & Sellers





Excited to get your hands on our rewards? Learn how to bind:


Quick Tip: To save time and make the binding process smoother, download and create a Presto account in advance before clicking on “Bind Now”.  


Kasi-Join-La campaign page

  1. Click on “Bind Now”. It will land you to Presto Binding page
  2. Key in Presto username and password *If you don’t have a Presto account, you can download Presto app and create an account
  3. Successful binding
  4. Claim your rewards!


PrestoMall “My Page”

  1. Go to “My Page”
  2. Click on “Link to Presto”. It will land you to Presto Binding page
  3. Key in Presto username and password
  4. Successful binding
  5. Open Kasi Join La campaign page to claim your rewards!         



Presto App

  1. Go to Account Page
  2. Click “Link”
  3. Key in PrestoMall username (email used to sign up for PrestoMall) and password
  4. Successful binding
  5. Open PrestoMall app/website to access Kasi-Join-La campaign page and claim your rewards!



What Happens If I Fail to Bind?



You know what people say! When you fail once, try until you succeed! But if you still have a hard time binding your accounts, here are some reasons and solutions you can try: 


1. Poor connection or expired binding page

Solution: Return to Kasi-Join-La campaign page, PrestoMall "My Page" or to Presto "My Account" and try to bind again. 


2. You forgot your Presto username and password

Solution: If you forgotten your Presto account username or password, here's the steps to reset your password:

  1. Tap [Forgot Your Password]
  2. Enter your mobile number you used to register Presto account
  3. Enter your email address you used to register Presto account
  4. Set up your new password


3. You forgot your PrestoMall username and password

Solution: If you are trying to bind your accounts through Presto app and forgot your PrestoMall login details,  here's the steps to retrieve your account details: 

  1. Click on "Forgot password?' button on PrestoMall Log In page
  2. On the "Forgot Password" page, key in your email address used to register for PrestoMall account and enter the Verification Code provided 
  3. Reset password and you will receive a temporary password in your email
  4. If you do not receive your temporary password, please email Customer Support at for further assistance


4. You have already bound a Presto account to PrestoMall account

Solution: You can only bind one Presto account to one PrestoMall account. If you decide to change either of the accounts, please contact our Customer Service to unbind your accounts before you can bind a new account.  You would need to provide a valid reason for unbinding existing accounts.


*Tried everything and still can't bind your accounts? Please contact our Customer Service. 


Rewards mentioned above are limited! If you still haven't bind your accounts, hurry! Bind now to enjoy all the benefit! Promotion ends 11th August 2019

Click on the image below to bind and claim your rewards