Say hello to Malaysia's first home-grown and highly innovative Social Marketing platform with eWallet functionality coming soon, bringing you a whole new way to save on shopping!

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Presto works its magic by rewarding you guys with CASH BACK for each deal purchased, which means you get bonus CASH BACK the more the deal you bought is purchased within the time frame! All you need to do is share the good deals with your friends and family and you will all share an awesome deal together!

  • Use your social media connections to earn valuable CASH BACK
  • Enjoy extra CASH BACK when you share deals with friends
  • CASH BACK rewards are linked to overall sales, the more people click on your share, the greater impact you have on sales, the more CASH BACK you make!



With Presto, anyone can be brand ambassadors by sharing your findings with your buddies! The Presto app allows you to browse, compare, buy, share, and get rewarded all in one simple platform that revolutionizes the way we hunt for deals.

This works well for sellers too! As more people buy the deals, sellers will be one step closer to achieving their target sales figure! Presto aim to boost brand recognition and loyalty for new and existing businesses as many shoppers have started shopping for the best deals online. As we say, it pays both ways!



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