More than just nails


We ladies spend hours on end in the mart choosing our beauty products, more often than once choosing a foreign product that we immediately dislike as soon as we start using it.


Amidst the chaff are brands such as Bio Sculpture that is no stranger to any lady out there. Known for their premium, industry leading nailcare products, their products immediately won the hearts of many as soon as they were introduced here!


Bio Sculpture also has its premium quality skin and body care products which are vegan, animal cruelty-free and non-toxic that suitable for all skin types! Since these products were on sale on Presto, we decided to give it a go and they had indeed, nailed it! ;)





The Bio Sculpture Heel Balm containing organic plant extracts and Peppermint essential oil provided a cool and refreshing sensation to our tired heels and feet. This heel balm is the ultimate remedy for hard calluses and dry, cracked heels as it deeply nourishes these often neglected parts of the body.


The mildly scented Bio Sculpture Apricot Kernel Scrub that contains essential Tea Tree oil, apricot kernels and pumice helped exfoliate and remove dry, dead skin. The tea tree oil helped heal scratches and sores much quicker.


We also went ahead and got the Bio Sculpture Potpourri Salt Scrub that Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract mixed with dry Rose Petals and Light Botanical Oil. This fragrant exfoliating scrub also did wonders in removing dead skin cells from hands and feet! Did we mention it smells really, really good?


So ladies, here's what we think. Products such as these are personal preference but Bio Sculpture's range is definitely worth a try if you have trouble making up your mind!


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