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Originally Awesome!

Everyone loves a slice of good cake! Yes guys, that’s right, Original Cake from the central of Asia’s food haven, Taipei, Taiwan has heated its ovens and is going viral in Malaysia! 

Balik kampung ooo oo ooh balik kampung!

Raya hampir tiba! Dah tentu semua tengah buat persiapan tak sabar nak balik kampung kan? Kereta atau moto tu dah service belum?

Cara-cara stylo untuk memakai tudung

Menjelang Hari Raya, suasana disini riang ria, warna-warni baju kebaya, pakai tudung pun mestilah bergaya!

Buka Puasa masakan sedunia yang tak perlu passport!

Inilah destinasi-destinasi berbuka puasa dari seluruh dunia yang paling BEST di sekitar lembah Klang yang mesti dicuba bulan Ramadan ini!

Tip-tip penting supaya anda kekal hidrat semasa berpuasa!

Air amat penting untuk tubuh badan kita kerana air memainkan peranan menyelaraskan suhu badan, membekalkan nutrien kepada organ tubuh badan dan lain-lain.

The Secret to Great Complexion

A hit with ladies of all ages ever since it was introduced, products by this Luxor-ious skincare brand has taken the beauty market by storm. 

More than just nails....

Ladies, here's a must have for your beauty inventory! These premium beauty products by Bio Sculpture are on sale on Presto and we absolutely love them!

In the mood for ProsperiThai !

Remember the creators of the 'Kaw' Lobster Tom Yam Noodles - Lobbee Thai? Well, for those of you who liked that dish would love these ongsome Chinese New Year Yee Sang deals exclusively for Presto buddies!

Showering you with Prosperity!

Whatsoap Presto buddies! You're in for a soothing treat this CNY as Yuan Soap, one of Taiwan's leading natural soap brand is now with Presto in Malaysia!

For the Love of Japan!

Wasab guys! This time, we have mouth-watering treats from the land of the rising sun! Located in Shinjuku? No no no, it's at Taman Connaught and Viva Shopping Mall! Check out more...

Clawesome way to spice up...

Given the thumbs up by the Thais, this authentic, ‘kaw’ Lobster Tom Yam Noodle dish served by Lobbee Thai Connection is a definite must try this rainy season.