What is PrestoPay?

PrestoPay is a unique mobile wallet that is accessible within Presto, a home-grown social marketing app, that offers a shopping experience with CASH BACK. PrestoPay can be used to pay bills, top-up mobile phone credit, send money, buy movie tickets, shop, and more-online and in stores.


Dear Shopper,

Now you can earn endless CASH BACK when you purchase and share a great deal with your friends.

Here's how it works...
Purchase deal through Presto

  • 1. Earn CASH BACK the more people buy
  • 2. Share deal to earn extra CASH BACK
  • 3. Get Redemption voucher on Presto
  • 4. Redeem your goods from outlet

Great way to earn CASH BACK

Personal Earned Extra CASH BACK

Presto rewards shoppers who put in extra effort to promote the deal through their social media channels. Be a "Brand Ambassador" and earn extra CASH BACK!


Ways to earn extra CASH BACK:

  • Share the deal on social media

  • Friends click on your shared link

Be our new best buddy
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