Video e-Commerce: Earn 2X Video Revenue

By Presto
23 July 2021

The growth of digital video streams by professional and amateur content creators has provided consumers with a plethora of options. However, most of this type of material is passive entertainment, which may make it difficult to monetise as creators fight for more views on their videos.

Presto aspires to connect both content creators and channels seamlessly as Asia's first online content distribution partner. We wish to maximise both parties' prospects, allowing them to reach larger audiences and monetise in a more intelligent and efficient manner. Traditional video streams that rely on ad income are no longer sufficient to make a living.

To achieve this, we've teamed up with ColorPixel to launch a brand-new service called Video e-Commerce (VEC) for e-commerce suppliers and retailers. We now have everything a creator needs to launch their own unique e-commerce store with PrestoDirect. As a result, creators are able to increase their revenue by 2x.

Together with ColorPixel, we offer the following benefits to new creators who sign up right now:


  • Welcome Gift: Provides content creators with a large discount on their favourite products, allowing them to get their first VEC content off to a better start.
  • Wide Video Reach: Video content from creators will be distributed across the ColorPixel Network, which includes online entertainment streaming channel PrestoTV and others.
  • Easy e-Shop Setup: You can easily set up a PrestoDirect e-shop without having to invest a lot of money. Zero inventories, zero start-up costs!

We will manage the rest, including video distribution, payment, and product delivery, so content creators can focus entirely on creating great videos. Creators can now earn money not only from video views but also from product sales commissions.

In the future of e-commerce, creators and marketers will likely collaborate to develop interesting, interactive content for customers. That is why VEC is so valuable: it gives vital user data that may inform shopping trends and in-demand products, as well as enabling brands to connect with customers closer through more meaningful interactions.


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