Shop Malaysia Online

By Presto
15 July 2021

Hello Buddy, there's a huge campaign going on right now for you! 😄

In collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and MDEC, we would like to share our marvelous Shop Malaysia Online campaign with you! Shop now for more crazy deals and save more money! 🔥

From now until 31st December 2021, spend a minimum of RM100 on PrestoMall to enjoy these benefits!

Checkout with Presto e-wallet to get RM3 cashback

Whenever you checkout your purchases with Presto e-wallet, you'll get RM3 cashback! So why not take advantage of this? The more cashback you receive, the more money you'll save! As the famous peribahasa goes, "sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi bukit." 

10% shopping cart coupon (capped at RM10)

Saving 10% of any purchase saves you a lot of money! For example, if you get a 10% discount on a RM100 item, that means you're saving RM10! That RM10 can buy you a delicious and filling meal at a mixed rice stall! Don't underestimate the value of saving every ringgit you can!

RM4.30 shipping fee coupon

Want to save even more money? Use our RM4.30 shipping fee coupon! You'll automatically be eligible for it as long as you spend a minimum of RM100 in Presto in this campaign.

Combine items in selected stores and redeem BonusLink Points

You don't have to buy everything from one specific store to enjoy the aforementioned benefits; you can combine items from the participating stores as you like! And remember, you can redeem your BonusLink Points during this period too to enjoy better value!


What to Buy?

Not sure what to get? Don't worry, we've picked out some hot-selling items for you! Check them out below!


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