How to Build Customer Confidence

By Presto
9 Sep 2021

What makes a person trust an online shopping site? Unlike retail stores where customers can physically touch items and talk to an employee before making a purchasing decision, online shopping is mostly limited to product descriptions, pictures, and videos. So, how could you build your customers' confidence in your online store? 🤔

Here are a few pointers for you:

Include customer reviews

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Displaying customer reviews on your site is a great way for new buyers to gauge your reputation among the public. It allows new buyers to verify your authenticity and trustworthiness, as well as learning whether the product matches the product descriptions, photos, and videos. You could include a star-rating system next to your customer reviews to make it easier for them to quickly gauge your reputation.

Display your contact information

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Nothing is more frustrating than the inability to ask someone a question about a particular product when you're shopping. Therefore, it's vital to have your contact information readily available at your site, whether it's on the header or footer. At the very minimum, you should include your company's email address or phone number.

Insert detailed product information

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The more detailed your product description, the better it is for your customers. A picture might be worth a thousand words but it doesn't tell you whether a table will fit nicely into your room or whether a pair of headphones is compatible with your phone. Help your customers to make an easier purchasing decision by providing a thorough product description alongside photos or videos.

Include your social media pages

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Include your social media pages on your website to boost your credibility. Viewers could see your follower count and have a sense of your brand's attitude by looking at the way you engage with your customers online.

Ensure your website is speedy and user-friendly

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A site that loads slowly, responds poorly, or displays low-resolution images drives visitors away quickly. Ensure that your site loads quickly, have a great UI/UX journey, and is displaying high-resolution images to give your visitors an enjoyable browsing experience.


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