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Malaysia’s First & Largest Multiple Loyalty Points Redemption Hub

Presto provides a full-service loyalty points-to-ecommerce redemption platform, completely changing how loyalty rewards and e-commerce function for loyalty issuers, consumers, and merchants.

Our vision goes beyond traditional boundaries, offering an innovative hub where loyalty points become a digital currency seamlessly merging with e-commerce redemption, allowing consumers to redeem products and services using a combination of multiple loyalty points.

Multiple Points. Only Presto. Bestest Value.

Your Multiple Loyalty Points are as Good as Cash

Pay with multiple loyalty points to offset partial or full payment, get items for free, and save your hard-earned money.

Wide Range of Products & Services at Your Fingertips

Conveniently redeem over 20,000 items across categories like health & beauty, home & living, tech & gadgets, vouchers, and more.

Coolest Way to Pay—Combine Multiple Loyalty Points

Choose to pay using a single loyalty point, combine multiple loyalty points, or combine loyalty points with other cashless payment methods. Pay the way you like for the biggest savings.

Earn PointzBack for Your Next Purchase

Get rewarded with PointzBack on every confirmed redemption for your next purchase—the more you redeem, the more points you get back.

Shop Free on Presto Combine Multiple Loyalty Points

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