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Say hello to Malaysia’s first home-grown and highly innovative Social Marketing platform – a whole new way to save on shopping.


It’s a fun way to make great savings

  • Use your social media connections to earn valuable CASH BACK

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Dear Shopper,

Now you can earn endless CASH BACK when you purchase and share great deal with your friends.


Two great ways shoppers earn CASH BACK and help turbo-charge sales:

1.   Group Earned CASH BACK

  • The More People Buy, The More Everybody Makes!

2.   Personal Earned Extra CASH BACK

  • Shoppers Who Share The Deal Earn Even More!


Here's how it works...
Purchase deal through Presto

  • 1. Earn CASH BACK the more people buy
  • 2. Share deal to earn extra CASH BACK
  • 3. Get Redemption voucher on Presto
  • 4. Redeem your goods from outlet

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