Each Presto Buddy has their own unique personalities and identities


As the outspoken leader of the pack and a fun-loving companion, Presto is always looking out for new trends and technologies to make people’s lives better. He is always positive, remains cool under pressure, never backs down from a challenge, and is constantly pulling pranks with Boris, his partner-in-crime.

Boris’ one true love is none other than food (well, he also has a poster of Thor in his room). As a proud gastronomist, he is remarkably good at discovering hidden food gems and at organizing big dinners for all his buddies. While he’s mostly a non-picky eater, he has a disdain for red beans. Boris also loves cooking and is always eager to learn new recipes.

When it comes to giving fashion advice, no one does it better than Hannah. She is a Buddy who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and is confident that if there’s a trending fashion brand that she doesn’t know of, then that brand isn’t worth knowing. Don’t let her mysterious vibe fool you though — deep down, Hannah is equipped with the sensitivity of a young girl. Even though she melts over cute baby animals and cries over sad drama scenes internally, she never shows them on her face.

If there’s anything you need to know about pop culture, Sadie’s your go-to girl. She’s an expert when it comes to the latest gadgets, movies, games, music, and TV shows. As a happy-go-lucky person, Sadie makes the best out of every situation and is an extremely comfortable Buddy to be around with. Unbeknownst to many, she also has a twin who looks nearly the same as her. The only difference between the two is the white patch on Sadie’s right ear, while her twin has a white patch on her left ear.

As a professional chef, Carlo loves nothing more than serving generous helpings of his cooking to people. He welcomes everyone with open arms and takes great satisfaction in ensuring everyone gets to enjoy different kinds of cuisine while providing them with cooking tips.

What makes a great server? You only need to look at Izz for the ideal embodiment of one. If you need to book a table or know about the latest dining perks, he’s the person to look for. Izz will always get you and your friends the best seats in the house!

When it comes to fashion and apparel shopping, Luca is the guy everyone looks for. He has an eye for irresistible bargains and is never short of suggestions on how to mix and match the latest trends. Follow him and you’ll never fail to look your best!

Effie is the friendly face you see in your local convenience store. She is happy to answer your questions and share tips on your grocery needs, personal goods, home recipes, and more.

With an extensive knowledge of the latest gadgets and widgets, Erwin is the resident technophile who is passionate about all things new and innovative. He is more than happy to share his knowledge with the customers in his electronics store.

If you need to give your house a makeover, look for Chuck, the walking encyclopedia of homeware products. He knows about everything from the smallest house hacks to the major home décor styles. All you have to do is ask and he’ll be happy to share his ideas with you.

Joe is the barista that everyone wants to see when they visit their local café for their daily dose of coffee. He has an amazing knack for remembering the names, faces, and favourite cup of every person he meets. Customers look forward to seeing Joe in the mornings and the feeling is mutual.

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