Loyalty Rewards as a Form of Payment

By Presto
31 Jan 2022

What is Loyalty Rewards as a form of payment?

For those who have already signed up with BonusLink and airasia rewards, you can now spend your Loyalty Rewards to shop in Presto. This unique payment method allows Presto Members to spend wisely using their respective Loyalty Rewards or in combination with other payment methods available to pay for a wide variety of products and services offered in Presto. The more Loyalty Rewards you have, the lesser you have to pay for the balance. What a great way to shop and save!

Who Is Eligible?

This unique payment method is made available EXCLUSIVELY to all Presto Members who have successfully bound their Loyalty Rewards account in Presto App. Initiate your account bind now and start paying using Loyalty Rewards for great savings!

How to Spend Your Loyalty Points?

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Loyalty Rewards Partners as a Form of Payment in Presto

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