By Presto

23 September 2022


International Snacks, Locally Available for Your Indulgence!

Who doesn’t love snacks, right?

You know the feeling. You’ve got the munchies, and there’s a bag of chips just sitting there eyeing you up all morning. You know you shouldn’t but you just can’t help yourself. Fret not, we’ve all been there before!

With so many different types of international snacks available, we sure are spoilt for choices! Lucky for you, you can indulge in your favorite international snacks at your nearest PrestoMart or from the comfort of your home!

Read on to discover international snacks that you can enjoy in front of your favorite movie or when hanging out with your friends!


Bourbon Roanne Vanilla Biscuits (Japan)


Snack on this bag of yummy biscuit sandwiches and fall in love with its creamy vanilla center. Each bag comes with ten small packs with two biscuit pieces in each, plenty for everyone!

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MABA Japanese Sea Salt Crunchy Biscuits (China)

Round, delicious, and cute —what’s not to love about these Japanese-inspired crunchy biscuits?! MABA Japanese Sea Salt Crunchy Biscuits will make a great snack no matter the occasion!

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Lays Chips Black Truffle (China)

Lay’s has upped its localized snack game with a new range of creative, and slightly bizarre yet delicious, chip flavors. If you’re feeling adventurous, definitely check this one out!

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Li Zi Qi Hot and Sour Noodles 252G (China)

This is a must-try if you’re a big fan of noodles! Its delicious spicy and sour taste will leave you wanting for more!

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Orion Sun Chips – Garlic Bagurtte 80G (Korea)

Do you ever get a craving for garlic bread? This snack is definitely for you! Open up the packet and immediately be greeted by the potent but welcoming smell of garlic bread!

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Hansung Hanrabong Tea 1.15KG (Korea)

Looking for a refreshing drink to wash down all those snacks you ate? Look no further than Hansung Hanrabong Tea! The sweetness of honey, combined with the fruity flavor of fruit pieces is highly refreshing!

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Paul & Kate - Truffle 35G (Thailand)

If you’re a big fan of truffles, this delicious truffle flavored meringue snack will keep you coming back for more all day every day!

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Kobe Bonchili Noodles Spicy Mee Goreng Level 15 (Indonesia)

If you love spicy food, this premium instant noodle from Indonesia will be right up your alley! Don’t forget to sprinkle the included BonChili on top of the noodles for an extra KICK!

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Gery Saluut Sweet Cheese Crackers (Indonesia)

Calling all cheese lovers! The perfect cheesy snack to accompany your hangout or santai sessions!

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PrestoMart, Bringing the World Near You!

If you’re planning a little “me time” or to invite a few friends over for a hangout session this weekend, there’s no better way to widen the smile on their face than surprising them with some delicious international snacks!

The best part? You don’t have to travel overseas just to buy those snacks! With PrestoMart, you can have convenient and quick access to a variety of delicious international snacks, be it by visiting your nearest PrestoMart or ordering online at the touch of your fingertip.

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